Tired of waiting in line at the supermarket only to find they are out of your favorite cuts of Beef? 
Silverado Ranch takes great pride in offering Longhorn Lean Beef to our customers as a 'Healthy' alternative to generic supermarket beef. We offer Premium Ground Beef, at very competitive prices.

Our prime cuts can be purchased in halves or quarters and are guaranteed 'Hormone Free'. The USDA stamp on our cut and wrapped portions, assures you the healthiest possible choice for your family.

Call or text  719-649-9590 or 719 314-8294 to try
'Heart Healthy'

Longhorn Lean Beef

Only $8.00/lb (when purchased in 40 lb box)

Quarters and Halves starting at $7.50/lb hanging weight
**Hanging weight is the carcass prior to cut and wrap... Cut and Wrapped weight will differ depending on animal**

We are committed to bringing you the best quality meat possible at prices that fit.

Buy Local and get High Quality at competitive prices!
Comparable to super market prices for lean beef but well above in quality!

Feed your family healthy, Ranch Raised, Longhorn Beef, You'll be glad you did!

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