It's Time Again! 40,000 are waiting on the Streets of Denver to see
"The Longhorns"
See the Spectacular cattle from Silverado Ranch, at High Noon, January 5th in downtown Denver Colorado!

Silverado Ranch is the partnership of Stan and Lorna Searle with Gary and Donna Lake. We are producing the same great cattle and the same wild  promotion that you've come to associate with Searle Ranch over the years. Look for us at the major shows and sales.

When Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and the National Western Stock Show needed  'street talent' to promote Ballot initiative 2C, they called on the symbol of the Old West and the Icon of the National Western...The Texas Longhorn! 
Shoot Em Up (aka Larimer) starred in several TV commercials and print ads along with Social media, to encourage Denver to pass 'Yes on 2C'

Shoot Em Up
 is a 2008 grandson of the great Zhivago. Weighing in at nearly a ton and gentle as a Labrador puppy, he was the perfect choice for downtown Denver!        
Academy Award winning film makers Dewey-Obenchain productions were awesome in the making of these commercials!

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