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Simply put this is one of the most awe-inspiring cows in the breed. You have to see this cow in person to really get it into prospective. She has horns in the mid 90's TH that lay way back out of her head and has perfect conformation and size. If you want to know what a total package looks like you are looking at one. What really makes this cow stand out in the world is what she has produced. When we bought our herd from Owen McGill we wanted to get a key producing foundation cow and this cow is all that. She has produced well for the McGill/Wilson ranch. Her '09 Top Caliber daughter, Yogurt, is already way into the 60's at a little over 24 months old with the most extreme backward horn angle we have seen. Eggnog is also a 3/4 sister to Trail Dust and is out of the great Hay Hook cow. We have several daughters of Hay Hook and they are all high quality cows. Her 2011 Chuckwagon daughter is on her way to becoming one of the best horned heifers out there. She is also a genetic full sister to Trail Dust.
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